Best Upgrades for Construction Vehicles

Construction businesses can be expensive to upkeep, from building materials to the safety needs of its workers, there’s a lot to keep in mind. But one you might have not thought of is the state of your vehicles. Maintaining a fleet of stock vehicles is not always the best option for construction business owners. Even simple modifications and modest upgrades can be of benefit to drivers and field crews. From wraps, banners, and decals to the addition of a GPS system that may benefit vehicle tracking and dispatch efforts, the right upgrades can often be a worthwhile investment.

Wraps and Decals

Wrapping a fleet vehicle can turn it into a powerful marketing resource. Vehicles that are too nondescript and those that may easily escape notice could find businesses missing out on more than they might realize. Wraps, decals, and signage can often pay for themselves over time by ensuring that businesses are able to generate new leads and capture the attention of potential customers.

Van Shelving

Image courtesy of Jordan Camper Van Shelving

Shelving and storage space that will allow crews to keep their equipment better organized can often be a crucial asset. The sheer volume of tools and equipment to handle even modest construction projects can become a problem, especially for crews and drivers who lack the van shelving and storage options needed to keep everything safely stored and properly organized. Van shelving and equipment storage solutions may provide a budget-friendly way to get the most out of every field vehicle.

Providing Onboard Power

Freeing vehicles crews and field employees from the need to make use of an external power supply can have several advantages. The adapters, battery banks, and converters needed to power a range of devices and equipment options can be well worth the purchase and installation costs. Greater versatility in the field can help to speed up service calls and minimize the risk that crews and workers may encounter a potential bottleneck or obstacle.

GPS Tracking

Image courtesy of GPS World

Tracking and managing multiple crews who may be visiting a variety of different locations and work sites can become quite the ordeal. GPS devices that provide real-time location and tracking data can allow businesses to manage and dispatch all field crews, vehicles and other assets with far greater ease. Being left in the dark regarding the location of a fleet vehicle could lead to problems business owners would be wise to avoid.

Getting the Most Value From an Existing Fleet

A few upgrades may allow owners to extend the useful service life of their existing fleet. Having to replace a vehicle prematurely can be very expensive, and the business would do well to get the most out of their existing equipment. Using a vehicle wrap to update the look of a vehicle or installing van shelving to improve carrying and cargo capacity can increase the value of an existing fleet.